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Merry Meet and Welcome!

Welcome to my Wiccan Sanctuary. Please note that I am not an expert at web design and this is my best attempt. With that said, this is a site based upon simplicity and my purpose in creating it was to inform, educate, respect and defend my spiritual path - Wicca. I am a solitary ecclectic witch and I wanted to spread the word that Witches and followers of Wicca are NOT Satanists or devil worshippers. We are caring, loving, accepting, and intelligent people who are always on a quest for eternal knowledge and inner peace. We also accept the fact the others may not share our particular beliefs and we have great respect for everyone, even those of a non-Pagan faith. After all, isn't diversity what makes this world such a great place?

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Have you hugged a witch today?
Did you know?

1. If I witch offers you a cup of tea when you are not feeling well, accept it! A cup of tea prepared by a witch can be a magic potion!
2. Modern Wicca began in England in 1939.
3. Gender, age, race, sexual orientation, physical status, family background, and/or ethnic heritage are not important in Wicca.


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